Moving to Costa Rica

Why move to Costa Rica?

Imagine a country with a quarter of its territory of national parks, a place where you can walk through the rain forest in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

International Living Magazine has seen a 152.98% increase in traffic to its “Moving to Costa Rica” page since May 2020. This is what the magazine says:

The political stability and low profile of the country are proving to be increasingly attractive to expatriates. Of course, scene is not lacking in the Costa Rican landscape: you have huge stretches of coastline, rainforests rich in everything from spider monkeys and sloths to scarlet macaws and quetzals, beautiful lakes and volcanic valleys.

The Ticos (the nickname for Costa Ricans) have established one of the most stable democracies in the world. The country dissolved its permanent army in 1949 and the reallocated funds are spent on education, health care and pensions instead of the military.

«My husband Steve and I read International Living magazine diligently, and each time we traveled we reviewed the different countries it mentioned. We made a list of criteria on what is important to us and how we wanted our new home country to be: I wanted to hear and see the ocean every day, I never wanted to wear a coat again and we also wanted a country with a democracy stable and an educated population close to home in the USA.»

Imagine witnessing the release of turtles, surfing on one of the thousands of beaches, observing diverse fauna in rivers and mountainous areas that resemble the Amazon.

Costa Rica cover all of your needs including the weather because their many ecosystems and altitude. A couple can live well in the cold Central Valley or get more warm around the coast where the temperature is about 27 Cº – 35 Cº all year.

This region is one of the largest blue zones in the world: here people turn 90 or even 100 years in good health.